Thursday, January 22, 2009

It wasn't a kick in the nuts.

Last Saturday I crashed at a friends house. His name is Richard and we'd seen each other at Punk Rock shows for a while. My reputation had preceded me and we bonded quickly.
Any way the next morning I couldn't find my keys.He apologized and said he'd look for them and call if they were found.
I headed to another friends place where my back pack was for a quick breakfast. I suspected that my keys might be there. They were not. "This is not good."
I called Richard to see if he'd located my keys. He apologized again and said he'd not seen them. I told him there was no need to apologize. "Just give me a call if ya find em. I think they be on that book shelf next to the sofa bed."
Yesterday He gave me a call and said that he'd found them. He apologized yet again and said that when he cleared the table in front of the couch he'd taken the keys with everything else and put them in his roommates room.
"I'm sorry." I said
"There's no need to Apologize! What matters is that ya found em."
I arrived that night to get my keys. The door opens and Richard had the clip with my keys in his hand.
"I'm so sorry..."I cut him off.
"Shut Up and Stop apologizing!" He smiled and said,
"Then fuck you for losing your keys."
I explained "There's nothing for you to apologize for. Stuff just happens. But if I were to walk up to you for a hug and you kicked me in the nuts, you'd better apologize."

Pedro of New Jersey.

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